ECC (Energy Containment Concepts LTD)


About Us

ECC Electronic Engineering was formed as a partnership in 1987 by Nick Weir and Mark Bodenham.

In the ensuing years the company has grown steadily, having been appointed European distributor for Detroit Armour Cpn., later to become Caswell International Cpn., their specialist  range products were successfully introduced to Police Authorities throughout the U.K.

The Caswell Cinetronic Firearms Judgmental simulator became the most widely used system of its kind in the UK Police Service.  As the concept of the environmentally friendly bullet catcher, the GrantrapTM became more widely accepted and the Police service began to realize  the massive benefits it offered, both environmental and financial, an approach was made to the MoD via the Technical Advisory Service (TAS).

Following extensive trials the material GrantexTM  received formal approval as the preffered option to sand, leading to a programme of conversion from sand to GrantexTM on many MoD ranges and has now extended to the US military in Europe.

More recently, with our growing experience in the field of Police & Military firearms training, a growing requirement for new range facilities was identified and, after the formation of Energy Containments Concepts Ltd, continued to develop our capability by the formation of the ECC TEAM which consists of a group of independant professionals who, together, can offer over 50 years combined experience in the design and construction of firearms training facilities, ballistic forensic facilities and live fire shoot houses.

Currently ECC are heavily involved with the UK Police Service, the UK MoD and also hold extensive contracts with the US Army in Europe, the US Navy in Europe, Mediterranean and the Middle East.

ECC are now generally considered to be the leading authority on firearms training systems in the UK.