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A core element to our business and its success is that we understand the pressures that all of your facilities are under. We don't just install and walk away. ECC continue to maintain, service and support all of our products and continue to invest in making our processes the quickest and safest in the industry. 


Most ranges require specialist trap servicing at regular intervals based on round count. We schedule this work in and pride ourselves on punctuality and sticking to quoted timeframes.

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We understand that sometimes unexpected things happen. We maintain a level of staffing which enable us to rapidly respond and get you back up and running.

ECC Ventilation

Indoor ranges require specialist ventilation systems that have bespoke filtration. ECC will not only replace the filters as part of range servicing but we also remove and safely dispose of them.

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Unburnt propellant and heavy metal ladened gunshot residues gather on floors and if left can become a significant health and safety risk. We provide a specialist cleaning service to regularly remove this residue.


Lead from gunshot residue can become engrained in all surfaces within a range and need to be cleaned regularly in line with CLAW  HSE regulations.

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As part of regular maintenance we are able to review your use and suggest upgrades to increase capability, reduce  running costs and improve safety.

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Sometimes facilities become unsustainable and are closed. We are able to fully decommission ranges to ensure the rooms are safe for other purposes.

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